About Baptistry Paintings

This collection of church baptistry paintings is an ongoing project. Please subscribe to this blog for updates as we visit churches who have this unique form of Christian art in their baptistries.

We have been welcomed into these churches to photograph their painted baptistries and to ask questions about their histories and stories. We welcome all positive comments to our posts. This is neither a forum to “critique” each artist’s style or ability nor is it a place to have a theological discussion on baptism, so no negative readers’ comments will be published to this website. This is an online gallery that we’ve created to share some of the common history of the Christian denominations who practice baptism by immersion. Some of the artists painted several baptistries in their lifetimes, and in churches of different denominations with vastly different worship styles and doctrines. These artists found common ground amongst these denominations–water and its importance in baptism by immersion.

We offer a special thanks to the pastors and secretaries who have been helpful in this project, some sharing their time and knowledge with us, even printing out the recorded history of their churches to help us in our research. We appreciate your help and interest!

If you know of a church with a painted baptistry (in the southern USA) that we may be interested in seeing, you may leave your name and email in the comment section. We will not publish your comment with your contact info, but we will write down your information (with pen and paper!) and delete your comment. We will contact you as soon as possible. Thanks!

And last, but not least, some of you will question our spelling of the word “baptistry.” Even the computer’s spell check questions our spelling of this word, wanting to replace it with “baptistery.” We chose to use the older spelling that many Protestant denominations used when writing about their church histories. This is our way of preserving another aspect of the history of baptistries.


4 thoughts on “About Baptistry Paintings

  1. I’m looking for someone maybe to paint a picture by a baptistery or a some sort of canvas picture, the church is in Kentucky. I left my email if u can email me n let me know if u can help me. Thank u


    • Check out our post of Alston Chapel United Holy Church of America. The artist who did their baptistry painting, Stacye Leanza, does beautiful work. There is a link to her website in the commentary about the painting.


  2. I wish I had found this site before our church remodeled. Have you had any churches from Florida that you have photographed?


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